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- After the rise of Manchester City www.mmova.com
- for the first time substitute www.mmova.com
- www.mmova.com speaking person behind a desolate despair
- www.mmova.com the kind of little trumpets called Vuvuzela
- www.mmova.com he is not without a chance to enter the main list

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"If you keep shooting,www.mmova.com perhaps now would be a film star. "Reporters, jokingly assumes road" no, first flew, when football, I don't think I'd love this profession. "When it comes to their preferences, Zhu Guanghu is particularly easy," I'm a resilient and loose change to moderate person, I hate the dull stone. I'm not used to making a film fixed walking, a fixed sign, even for lines with a mechanical model of interjections have to do it all over, for example, I've don't like math, I was reading in General, and major in math, I don't like it. 11 Why do you have only 2? I always used to wonder, rested in the math teacher, striving to find different answers. "Character and hobby makes he didn't can continues to themselves of actor career, is make has film of friends, now old actor Liang Boluo also often to Zhu Guanghu sent to greeting cards and signature photos Dang China men's soccer coach, end very has may is empty-handed, and Dang stars, future and" money "way undoubtedly are is a light, however for themselves of this a select, Zhu Guanghu with a beyond unusual of firm told Reporter:" I has no regrets! A person on Earth, if there's no psychiatric, pursuits and beliefs, it doesn't make any sense that he is alive. When each person is born, all hands to pinch tightly to this world, and when I leave this world, are both spreading. Will not regret in the short life, it can be said that is the most important. For me, football is my life can almost be said, I don't want to leave their life with regret. "(Liu Yu)

In the fly, the football team, a fellow professional football player turned actor, he's hiding even out now for Guangdong Institute of education professor of sports. Tibetan professors learned that reporters want to interview Zhu Guanghu and then make a movie story, specially brought from home he kept for more than 20 years of precious photos. He gingerly pulled out a few faded black and white photos, one is the photo of Tibetan Lian Ming and Zhu Guanghu was hiding Lian Ming stroked a couple of old photos, lost in deep thought, seem to have returned to the days with Zhu Guanghu day 26 years ago. He told reporters: "young Zhu Guanghu is when a person admires ' football crazy ', his continuous film show about football obsession with stupid and crazy love. At that time, shortly after he was married, for filming of the movie, and he took less than 15 days a year at home. "Tibetan Professor told reporters:" Zhu Guanghu home better, when ' the cultural revolution ' has just ended, life is hard for everyone, Zhu Guanghu will always get stuff to share with you. "Tibetan professors buy cheap fifa 14 coins for xbox said, was in the Studio, covered Zhu Guanghu was sleeping in his brother, I remember once on his leg injury onset pain over and over, Zhu Guanghu in order to take care of him, almost a wink, stayed by his side:" he is a good man! "Hide description of unlimited, a professor said with emotion:

A competitive international soccer game was in Tsz Wan Shan Stadium. Wrestling team due to key player Liu gang stole the play "Lady balls", played left striker Wu Zhongfa lounging "classic ball" ended in 03 lost to European powerhouse Golden Lions team sports the original coach of the wrestling team, nicknamed "Dr iron legs," Yang Bo to either of the teams head coach. Lax lax fight team discipline, training, especially his former star pupil Liu gang was busy dating, lack of dedication. Yang Bo is determined to strictly required, grasp the training. Liu gang, Wu Zhongfa and others can't stand it, blown up with emotions, and are posted with ironic Yang Bo comics. Team leader Zhang Wenbiao agreed that Yang Bo jump. The picnic, puppet show wrestling team of the double-a-side Soccer League, ironically playing "ball girl" puppet performers were Liu gang girlfriend Luofang. Luofang warm and beautiful. As long as her presence, Liu gang playing on the airwaves, particularly hard, it is known to the audience playing "girl". Liu saw the puppet show is very angry, think this is Yang Bo trying him bullying another Wu Zhongfa puppet theatre actor Zhang Xiaolei intentionally, he wrote a note, want to make friends with her. Note Luofang seized by mistake, a big joke. Xiao Wu was informed Zhang Xiaolei Zhang Wenbiao, an only child, was terrified. Xiao Wu had repeatedly expressed to Zhang Wenbiao wants to observe discipline, training hard. Zhang Wenbiao does not know all of the facts, Xiao Wu Dawei commended. In a training game with the Flying Tigers, Liu gang show, hit a foul, gets. After the match, Yang Bo harsh criticism against him. Liu gang can not accept, was dropped from the left. Liu Zhang Wenbiao asylum, and conflict between Yang Bo. Liu gang Luo. Parent Rowe is a football fan. Luofang parents ' help and the Luofang sharply criticized Liu unimpressed. Then he saw Yang Bo to teach junior team training scenario seriously, evoke old memories. At that time, Yang Bo is playing helped him. Liu gang realizes that he lost a valuable enterprise, badly, with the shortcomings of his determination to return. More hubris when the Golden Lions team coming to China for the second time. After an argument inside the wrestling team, decided to engaged in a high-spirited attitude. Liu gang and the rest of the team work closely with concerted efforts of the whole team, and 11 received the visiting team to play for a draw.

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